Wedding Weekend

The Rehearsal

Getting Ready

The Girls

The Guys

Behind the Wall

The Ceremony

The Reception (Part I)

The Reception (Part II)

The Details

Wedding Plans

The Proposal

Brizezilla Moment #1: Dress Shopping

Pre-Marital Counseling

Food Tasting

Bridezilla Moment #2: Trial Updo

Bridal Shower #1

Bridal Shower #2

Getting Our Marriage License

My Bachelorette Party

Honeymooning in Maui, Hawaii

Honeymoon Recap, Part 1

Honeymoon Recap, Part 2

Honeymoon Recap, Part 3

Honeymoon Recap, Part 4

Honeymoon Recap, Part 5

Honeymoon Recap, Part 6

Honeymoon Recap, Part 7

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