Friday Things

1. I feel like I have so much to share with you guys, and not enough time in the day to write my thoughts down! I think I might start preparing posts on the weekends so they’re ready to go during the week. Is that the secret to bloggers who write multiple times a day? If not, I’m convinced that they must live in a special world with 26 hour days.

2. My bachelorette party is this weekend! We will be getting crazy at a paint-your-own pottery place ;), going out to dinner, and drinking fruity drinks. My cousin is coming into town from Michigan for the party, and I’m excited to catch up with her!

3. I just received an email from my boss asking me if I’d like to take off the whole week of my wedding rather than only taking off the Thursday and Friday before. Yes, please! As the wedding gets closer, I’m realizing how many little things that I still need to do, and I want a couple of days to relax and take it all in too. I really haven’t had time to let it all sink in yet!

4. Rupert’s daughter goes to my camp. Last Monday, he dropped her off in the morning, and it caught me off-guard — usually her mom brings her. I don’t watch ‘Survivor’ anymore, but I did watch during the season that he won — so I’ll admit, I was jumping up and down a little bit (inside my head) when I saw him. If you don’t know who he is, just ignore this thought and move on ;).


5. Speaking of kids at camp, all of them have such interesting, diverse backgrounds. One girl in particular is originally from Japan. Everyday, I look forward to checking out her food at lunch, because everything looks so darn good! She eats with chopsticks, and the other kids (and me) think that it’s so cool. Seeing all of her food makes me crave Japanese food, so naturally, Jordan and I went out for sushi last night. Unfortunately, we had terrible service and some of our hot food was cold. I could say, “we won’t be going back there again,” but I know we will (we always do) — probably next week.

6. One week from Sunday, we will have the keys to our apartment. Three weeks Saturday, we will be getting married, and three weeks from Monday, we will be on a plane to Hawaii! Things are coming up so fast. I’m excited, but nervous too.

7. I’m still unsure about what I’ll be doing come August, but I have a good feeling that things will be okay. One thing’s for sure — I’m really going to miss these kids when I’m done with camp two weeks from now!

8. On Friday nights, I am content with being anti-social. I’ve had a tiring week, and all I want to do is eat dinner and go to bed early. For this reason, I am currently debating whether or not I should go out with Jordan’s family for dinner. Anyone else hate making conversation after a long day at work? I hope that it’s not just me…

Have a wonderful weekend!

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