Friday Things

1. Reading Rachel’s book, MWF Seeking BFF, has inspired me to explore my city. In the book, Rachel goes on 52 friend dates in order to find a best friend in her new city (Chicago), and not surprisingly, she has to explore her city and all that it has to offer in order to keep the dates interesting. Although I don’t live in Chicago — I live in a suburb containing a whopping 21,000 people — I do live right outside of Indianapolis, and it has more to offer than you’d think. After doing some research — exploring blogs, Twitter, and local magazines — I have realized that I’ve really been missing out! Apparently, Indianapolis has 11 yoga studios, a plethora of restaurants that I’ve never heard of, cafes that offer coffee and painting classes, and even a Lululemon (not like I can afford it, but apparently one just opened up). I really need to get out of my small town and explore the city more often!

2. I’m so, so, so, so glad that it’s Friday. This week felt like the longest week ever. The first week back after vacation is always the hardest, right?

3. After being in a cooking rut for most of the winter, I finally have the motivation to experiment in the kitchen again! I tried two new recipes this week, and they did not disappoint.

Jessica’s Crunchy Buffalo Chicken Salad with Bacon and Spicy Ranch (to make this a little healthier, I added extra veggies, and I used light dressing, but not as much as the recipe called for)

Jenna’s Rice and Bean Casserole with Guacamole (this is going to become a regular in our dinner rotation — it’s so easy and cheap to make!)

4. My next half marathon is three weeks from tomorrow. Three weeks! I haven’t been following my training plan as much as I should, but I also haven’t missed a long run yet. My goal is to get up to 10 miles (I’m at 7 miles right now) before I start tapering.

5. April showers have officially made their way to Indiana. I forgot how much the rain affects me — all I wanted to do was sleep yesterday. It’s just as gloomy today, so I’m hoping that my morning coffee helps!

6. I had a giant spider in my classroom yesterday. I’m talking the kind that you’d normally only see in your basement — the kind that is too big to crawl up the wall. Since I hate spiders, I left it in the room until I brought in a group of boys to work on math — I showed them the spider and they were more than happy to kill it for me. The boys are 7-years-old. I’m a baby.

7. This weekend’s plans include a date night with Jordan, a long run, lots of cleaning and organizing, and a little celebrating. We have some exciting news, but I’ll fill you in next week :).

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I’ve been really wanting to read that book. I think I might do that soon. Aka when I have a free second which is almost never. Oh well, maybe this summer! Half marathon is so soon! Don’t worry about the long runs, you’ll be okay as long as you taper right :)

  2. It is raining today and I definitely don’t want to leave the couch so I know what you mean there! It also felt like a long week here to. Hope you have a great weekend.

  3. Yeah about spiders… I too cannot kill them! I’m completely grosed out by them. I’d have done the same thing and let the 7 year old boys take care of it. :) Nice cliff hanger at the end of this post!! I hope its house news! Can’t wait to find out what’s going on.

  4. That salad looks delish! It sounds like something we would like… I’ll have to try it! It’s been rainy up here too, it might even snow tomorrow!

  5. I didn’t know we had 11 yoga studios! We should explore some together 😉 We really should go downtown one day that it’s nice and just explore :) Sister date?

  6. This week has felt long for everyone I think. I was sick for the first few days and am slowly getting over that, so it feels like it should have been the weekend…on Monday afternoon haha.

    I wouldn’t stress about your half and I know you’ll get up to the 10!

  7. Wow, both the salad and that bean casserole look so good! Going to pin those for later use.

    I feel you about the spider thing. Once I was babysitting in my own neighborhood and there was a huge spider. I called my mom to have her come over and kill it. I was watching girls, so there’s no way they would get it for me. We were all hiding in a corner when my mom came over…. I don’t do spiders!

    Good luck with the rest of your training! That really crept up fast. I found that if I just followed long runs and most of my week runs, but not all, I was good to go for the race.

    Happy Friday!

  8. The rain in Kentucky yesterday was so nice, but it did make me want to curl up on the couch and take a nap. My next half is in about 3 weeks, its on May 5th, and I also haven’t been following a training plan as much as I should. I’m glad 7 year old boys don’t understand how scary spiders really are and were happy to help get rid of it for you :)

  9. I HATE SPIDERS. Ewwwww I can’t do anything with them. Blech. I live close to Seattle but huge cities freak me out so I hate going there!

  10. AGH!! 3 weeks until the race! 3 weeks and I’ll be heading to Indy for packet pick up. SO CRAZY. It comes so quickly (I got a tiny knot in my stomach reading that). I’m up to 8.5 miles and I think that’s as far as I’m going to go because my IT band started to flair up a bit. You ready to run the nasty speedway?

  11. I bookmarked Jenna’s Rice and Bean Casserole too – Mexican is my all-time favorite! Can’t believe your next half marathon is three weeks away. Congrats on getting to seven miles – that’s awesome :) I ran a little over two this morning and realized how out of shape I am. I’ve been sticking mostly to the elliptical and walking for the last couple of months and I’m definitely out of that ‘running’ zone. Gotta build it back up. Boo.

    1. I hate how it’s so easy to get out of running shape! I felt that way at the beginning of this training plan, since I took a couple of months off over the winter. Two miles is good, though — I saw your Instagram picture, and it looked so pretty outside!

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