24 Days of Christmas Togetherness

Did everyone have a good weekend? Mine was very fun and festive! As I mentioned earlier, on Saturday night, I had two of my friends over for a cookie decorating party. I spent the morning making the cookie dough, the afternoon cleaning the apartment, and they arrived later in the evening.

I set up the table before they got here, so we could roll out the dough, cut out the cookies and start baking right away. While our cookies baked and cooled, we watched ‘Arthur Christmas,’ exchanged ornaments, and chatted, and then we began decorating! I realized (at the last minute) that I only had neon food coloring for the frosting, but I think it made the cookies look even more fun, don’t ya think ;)?

On Sunday, Jordan and I drove downtown right after church, because we had tickets to see the Yuletide Celebration at the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra! It was a first for both of us.

The show included lots of singing and dancing, and it made me miss my days in choir and dance class! I’m not sure if it’s something we’ll see every year, but I would definitely see this show again in the future. We ended our weekend with ‘A Christmas Story’ and dinner at my parents’ house. Very relaxing :).


In addition to all of the holiday fun I had over the weekend, Jordan and I started a new Christmas tradition. After reading Tina’s 24 Days of Togetherness post, I kind of fell in love with the idea, and decided that we needed to create something like it for our own home. Basically, instead of buying an advent calendar, it’s a fun way to count down the days to Christmas, and spend time with the person (or people) you love. To create our “24 Days of Togetherness,” I took two pieces of white paper, and wrote down 24 things that Jordan and I can do together/for one another on any day of the week. I cut the larger piece of paper into strips of paper, and put them all into a Christmas basket. Every morning, from now until December 24, we will pull one slip of paper out of the basket, and whatever is on the paper is the thing that we will do for that day. Jordan pulled out the first piece of paper on Saturday. He drew, “Play Monopoly.”

And that is exactly how we spent our Saturday morning. We never play board games together, so it was a really fun way to spend time together –without our phones, TV or computers. On Sunday, I drew, “Watch ‘A Christmas Story.” Since we don’t actually own ‘A Christmas Story,’ we watched it at my parents’ house before Sunday dinner. It worked out well :).

I created all of the activities for the advent basket, so Jordan gets a little surprise every day when we choose a piece of paper. Some of the other activities include:

– Go ice skating

– Buy festive drinks from Starbucks

– Make each other a gift

– Drink hot chocolate

– Watch ‘A Santa Claus is Coming to Town’

– Take a family photo

Though I am participating in this with my husband, I think it could also be fun to do with roommates, kids, girlfriends/boyfriends. Thank you, Tina, for the idea :). I can’t wait to see what today has in store for us!

Have a great Monday!

What did you do over the weekend?

Do you have an advent calendar?

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  1. That looks like a lot of fun and holy moly those cookies look they belong on pinterest! This weekend I went to our big white out hockey game…and then we lost for the first time in years….LOL clearly next year I won’t go.

  2. That’s such a nice idea to do over the holidays. I think so many couples, families, etc. get frazzled and wrapped up in all the commotion during this time of year and they forget what’s really most important- spending time with each other! A great lesson for right now and the whole year, I think.

  3. I love the 24 Days of Christmas Togetherness idea :) What a fun way to spend some time together every day – especially fun because it sounds like you have several festive ideas planned as well :)

  4. I absolutely love this whole 24 days of togetherness thing. My husband and I have been in a dating rut for about 2 yrs now. We do the same things all the time. How did you decide what to write down?

    1. I took some ideas from Tina’s blog, and I brainstormed the others by myself. I’m sure you could find ideas online/on Pinterest too!

  5. What an awesome idea! Unfortunately, D travels a lot. For instance he’ll be gone Wednesday through Monday this week. I like the idea of possibly adjusting for something like 24 days of giving. I really want to start doing better about giving back to the community. I may try to do a 12 days of giving. Thanks for the inspiration!

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