The Weekend

This weekend, we had friends over for the first time since moving into our own place. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I was up past my bedtime on Friday night, mopping our floors.

What you don’t know, is that I was also cleaning out our fridge, loading and running the dishwasher, and picking up every room in our apartment. I am my father’s daughter. Every time my parents have company over, my dad turns into a cleaning machine — it’s the family joke that he’s probably outside touching up paint on the house just minutes before company walks in. I guess I can’t tease him about it anymore, because now I know that I inherited the same trait. My poor (future) kids…

After I was done being a  cleaning machine (which, I should add, I was not when I lived at my parents’ house — things change when you have your own place), I could relax a little. Jordan and I spent Saturday afternoon with his mom’s side of the family, celebrating his aunt’s birthday. No pictures were taken; it was just nice to catch up with everyone! We enjoyed lunch and cake and ice cream, and then left a little early to come back home and get ready for our guests.

As I mentioned on Friday, we had a taco bar. I made guacamole using this recipe, and chicken for the tacos using this recipe (both of which I’d recommend!). Then I heated up some beans, chopped up some veggies, and set everything out on the counter for our friends to make their own tacos! We spent the night eating and playing Apples to Apples and The Game of Things. I felt kind of bad, because around 8:30, the feeling of exhaustion hit me, and when I’m tired, I zone out. I guess all of the busyness of earlier in the weekend had to catch up with me eventually! Our friends ended up leaving around 10:00, and I went straight to bed.

Needless to say, Sunday was a day for relaxing. I wanted nothing more than to watch movies, pin things and blog :).

And now, it’s time to begin this three-day work week! Enjoy your day!

What did you do over the weekend?

What do you make for dinner when friends come over?

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  1. I had a pumpkin and chocolate chip gourmet cupcake with my boyfriend, a date for hot yoga and enjoying THE best brunch ever with one of my BFFs, and a shift at work that went so smoothly, I can’t believe it actually happened!! And I have today off, so I’m pretty stoked.
    I’m actually pretty happy that your Dad’s tidying habits rubbed off on you, but not until after you moved out –it means that there’s still hope for me to follow in my Mom’s footsteps!! 😉 I’m sure it would make her love me ever more than she already does if I were “Mommy clean” instead of “Chelsie clean”. haha.

  2. That song Machine just got stuck in my head from your cleaning machine comment LOL. I’m glad it went pretty smoothy-I wish I could say I was a cleaning machine but I’m not the most organized clean person by any standards.

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