A Sunny Survey

Last week, Erin tagged me in the 11 Question Survey, and a couple of weeks before that, Diane nominated me for the Sunshine Award. Instead of writing two separate posts, I’ve decided to choose my favorite questions from each, and combine them into one post. Thank you, Erin, for tagging me, and thank you, Di, for the nomination!

1. What is your favorite number?


2. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink?

I’m going to be boring and say water. I drink water like it’s my job — sometimes I feel like I drink too much, if that’s possible!

3. What is your favorite time of day?

Morning. I am much more productive in the morning, and I enjoy getting up early and having some time to relax, eat breakfast and watch TV by myself.

4. What year so far has been the best year of your life?

I think I’d have to pick this year, 2012. It’s hard to beat the year that you get married :) (until you have a baby, I’m sure).

5. If for some reason you had to flee the country, where would you move?

Canada? I think that moving anywhere else (for good) would be too much of a culture shock!

6. What is one thing you wish you could change in the world?

I wish that I could end all wars. I can’t stand that countries fight each other, sometimes for what seems like silly reasons.

7. If you could take a time machine and visit with one famous person who is no longer alive, who would it be?

Michael Jackson. Preferably in the 80s. I was slightly obsessed with Michael Jackson when I was little, and I still have his albums on my iPod today.

8. What is your favorite season?

Summer is my favorite, though I am really beginning to appreciate the change of seasons. I used to think that I’d rather live somewhere warm, but I think I’d miss the changing leaves and snow!

9. What is the sweetest thing someone has ever done for you?

When I had my shoulder surgery, Jordan surprised me by taking a day off of work and coming over to take care of me. It was the first big medical thing that we went through together, and I really appreciated it.

10. What do you think is your best trait?

My patience with kids. I wish that I had the same patience with adults, but I guess I assume that they should know better :).

Instead of tagging specific bloggers, I’m going to invite all of you to join in on answering these questions!

What is your best trait?

What is one thing you wish you could change in the world?

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  1. Aw yay! I loved getting to read people’s survey responses, you always learn so much. Patience with kids is a good thing to have, I love them a lot but I’m not sure I’m always that patient with them yet! haha Probably why Josh and I have a five year plan after we get married! ;p

  2. Morning is my favorite time of day too :) Also, what a great idea to move to Canada! It’s close but not too close (I’ve heard great things about British Colombia and Quebec.) Have you ever been to Canada? I’ve been to Niagara Falls but would love to explore more :)

  3. I have to say my best trait is giving more to others than sometimes it’s possible for me to.

    One thing I would change? The fact that sometimes it takes a horrific event or the holiday season to bring people together. Everyone should live with the spirit of the holidays and reach out to others no matter what time of year.

    1. Oh, I agree with your second point! Sometimes we get so caught up in our own lives that we forget to appreciate those around us!

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