Wedding Recap: The Ceremony

When I left off, Jordan and I had just taken our “behind the wall” photos. After taking those photos, I was whisked back to the bridal suite, because we only had 15 minutes until the start of the ceremony! As soon as the wedding coordinator popped in and told us this, there were some shrieks and lots of smiles going on in our room. That 15 minutes flew by, and before I knew what was happening, the bridesmaids were lining up, leaving me alone in the room. My dad was on the other side of the door, and it took everything I had not to cry when I saw him. We promised each other that we wouldn’t cry (we’d done enough of that at the rehearsal), and soon it was our turn to take our place outside of the sanctuary.

After this, everything was surreal. In fact, when Jordan and I watched our wedding video, we both said that “those people” (aka us) didn’t even seem like they could be us. It was very strange. However, I was proud of myself for staying in the moment — I thought I might be too nervous to do that. My focus was Jordan, and that’s why watching our video was strange — I had paid no attention to what was going on around us on the day of the ceremony!

I managed to keep it together all the way down the aisle, but I broke down when my dad gave me away. At the time, I felt like a blubbering mess (and I didn’t carry any Kleenex — rookie mistake ;)), but when we watched the video back, I noticed that all of the bridesmaids and a good majority of our guests were crying too. That made me feel better :).

The ceremony went by in the blink of an eye. We had two readings, exchanged vows, lit our unity candle, and one of my best friends sang “The Prayer” by Celine Dion.

Before we knew it, our pastor was presenting us as husband and wife, and we kissed.

It was such a strange feeling, but so exciting too! We walked back down the aisle, then shared plenty of hugs with our bridal party and parents.

In lieu of having a receiving line, Jordan and I chose to walk back into the sanctuary and escort our guests out row by row. It was nice, because we were able to make sure that we spoke to everyone. After our guests walked out, they lined up outside to blow bubbles!

At this point, I was floating on cloud nine and didn’t want the day to end! Our guests headed over to the reception venue for cocktail hour, and the bridal party stayed back for pictures. Before long, it was time to party!

To be continued…

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  1. You just look gorgeous!! It’s so fun to see the pictures…I know exactly what you mean about being in-the-moment during the ceremony. I was worried too that I would be so nervous and distracted but what I remember most about the ceremony is looking into husband’s eyes while we exchanged vows. I get weepy thinking about that! haha

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