Pumpkin Picking + Apple Fondue

Over the weekend, my sister, Jordan and I decided to cross pumpkin picking off of our fall bucket lists. It’s something that we did together last year, and we decided to keep the tradition going.



Last year, we went to a pumpkin patch near Purdue, since that’s where Molly was living at the time, but this year we went somewhere closer to home, Anderson’s Orchard — an apple orchard/pumpkin patch that I hadn’t been to in a long time. My other sister went to the apple orchard part of Anderson’s a couple of weeks ago, and was able to give us the heads up that the apples aren’t very good this year. Because of the drought that we had this summer, there aren’t very many on the trees, the ones that are there don’t look very good, and they raised the prices in order to make a profit. For these reasons, we decided to stick to the pumpkin patch, which was just as much fun :).

There weren’t too many to choose from (again, because of the drought), but we were able to find a couple of decent looking ones towards the back of the patch.

Jordan did the honors of cutting the pumpkins off of the vine, and we did our obligatory photo shoot 😉 before heading back to the orchard’s store to check out what goodies they had for sale this year.

We ended up with two smaller pumpkins for the inside of our apartment, as well as a jar of apple butter and a 1/2 gallon of apple cider. I was so tempted to go home with a candle or two, as well, but knowing that I could get similar scents less expensively at Bath & Body Works, I refrained:).

After checking out all of the goodies in the store, we made our way over to the concession stand. Molly and I used to look forward to getting caramel apples at Anderson’s once a year when we were younger, and we didn’t want to pass up the opportunity this year.

I ordered a caramel apple “fondue” and an apple cider slushy. The fondue-style caramel apple is perfect because you can dip the apple slices in the caramel and nuts rather than making a fool of yourself trying to bite into a whole apple. Or, at least, I always look like a fool when I do that :).

We ate our food on the outdoor picnic tables until we could no longer feel our fingers (it was cold!), and then we made our way home where I napped for an hour before getting up to make dinner. Apparently, the cold weather takes it out of me!

It was a great day at the pumpkin patch, and now I can cross one fall activity off of my bucket list. Until next year, Anderson’s :).

Do you go to the pumpkin patch or apple orchard every fall?

Do you live in an area with four distinct seasons?


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  1. What an awesome trip! I have to do this while I’m still on the East Coast. I love having four distinct seasons, but depending on where Josh’s job takes us we may not always have that.

  2. My Mom’s neighbour has an apple orchard, so we visit there at least once a year. Their crop wasn’t all that fabulous this year either from what I hear … it’s really too bad.
    We most definitely have all four seasons — fall is the longest, for sure, which is perfect because it’s my favourite. And we seem to transition through it at a super steady rate, never getting cold and then warm again, but constantly getting slowly progressively colder.
    I LOVE the idea of the “fondue” and dipping instead of looking like a loony-toon!! (Although, sometimes that’s half the fun.) Do you think that it would be simple enough to replicate …?

  3. Awww- it looks like the perfect fall weekend! I love the idea of fondue instead of a plain caramel apple. I always feel like caramel apples are tough to eat, but they’re SO GOOD.

  4. Fun weekend :) I took a nap after church yesterday too; I definitely think that the cool weather plays a part! Marty and I went to a ‘Haunted Corn Maze’ this weekend. I was excited to do some more festive things on my fall bucket list too :) Hope you have a great week!!

  5. Fun!! I love it! And I love the apple fondue idea!

    I’m not sure what the seasons will be like here in Georgia. I know the winters will be much more mild than in Ohio, but I think it will still get pretty chilly for a while. We are actually having cooler temperatures today (I think the high is 60), which is kind of nice. :)

  6. that fondue looks so delicious! I’m sorry your pumpkins/apples aren’t very good because of the drought! It looks like you got a good pumpkin though! Pumpkin/apple picking are so much fun!

  7. I forgot it was just as cold, probably colder, last year when we went! Thanks again for inviting me :)

  8. That looks like so much fun. I still need to get myself a little pumpkin for my apartment! I love your coat and scarf, too. Really cute!

  9. I love the idea of the apple fondue! One of the reasons I’m not a big fan of caramel apples is that I, too feel like a fool trying to eat one! I love the candles from bath and body works. My two favorites this fall are “leaves” and “nutmeg and spice”.

  10. Love your photos! I live in Chicago, and just went to a pumpkin patch last weekend.

    Got the same sliced caramel apple but I had to hold off on a buying a gallon of cider because it was $8.99. That just seemed outrageous to me! Although I could go for a glass right now…

    Did they have apple cider donuts at your pumpkin patch? I definitely bought six of those bad boys!

    1. That is outrageous! Our cider was only a couple of dollars! No, they didn’t have apple cider donuts, but I wish that they did! Those are so good!

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