A Pretty Muddy Hike

Most of you know that I spent the weekend reminiscing in Ohio, but the main reason that I was there was to run the Pretty Muddy 5K mud run. And oh my gosh, was it ever muddy — and challenging!

When Jordan and I arrived to the race site, I had about 30 minutes to check-in and mentally prepare myself for what was ahead. What I didn’t realize, was that I’d be running hiking uphill nearly the entire 3.1 miles. The race took place at Mad River Mountain in Zanesfield, OH —¬† on ski slopes!

I ran in the 1:30 wave, one of the last waves of the day. Before we took off, the energetic emcee lead some warm-ups at the starting line, and warned us (multiple times) not to take off too fast; in previous waves, women were getting worn out quickly. I would soon learn why.

Before we knew it, the clock read “1:30,” and we were off. I started off jogging with the rest of the women in my wave, and as soon as we all reached the first slope, we realized why this would be more of a hike than a run.

It was steep! I don’t think any amount of incline training could’ve prepared me for what was ahead. Have you ever tried running up a muddy ski slope? It kind of feels like trying to get back up the snowy hill when you’re sledding. I had to tell myself that it was okay to walk, and I huffed and puffed up that “mountain” to the best of my ability!

The best part about this race was the obstacles. As soon as I conquered the first hill, I got to run through a huge tunnel filled with soapy bubbles. After getting soaked with soapy water, I got sprayed down by sprinklers, and then it was time to get muddy.

For the first muddy obstacle, I had to climb over and crawl under ropes in a muddy pit. Soon after that, I was climbing over walls, crawling through muddy tubes, climbing up and over a cargo net wall, running through tires, pushing my way through a pit full of beach balls (one of my favorites), running around a corner while carrying a log over my head, and my absolute favorite — climbing up and sliding down a huge inflatable slide.

The last mile of the course was mainly downhill, and I’m not going lie, a little scary. I rolled my ankles twice because of hidden holes in the grass (in defense of Pretty Muddy, there were warning signs that said there could be dangerous, unseen obstacles in nature), and the lady behind me fell down because she tripped in a similar spot. With that being said, the last part of the race ended up being a slow downhill hike because I wanted to make sure not to injure myself!

By the end of the race, I felt like I was 10 pounds heavier because of all of the mud and water my clothes had absorbed, but when I finally saw a clearing and the finish line in sight, I ran to the final obstacle — a huge, muddy pit that we were supposed to army crawl through.

And that I did :).

I was a mess when I crossed the finish line, but I felt accomplished! Before heading to the showers, I made sure to take a picture with the emcee.

As you can see, he was super friendly and kept everyone entertained!

After our little photo shoot, I headed straight to the showers and changing area to clean up. This area was organized and clean, with individual changing rooms for everyone, which impressed me!

After getting in my dry, clean clothes, we were off to Dublin for our weekend getaway, but you’ve already heard about that :). If you’ve never done a mud run, I highly recommend that you add it to your fitness bucket list. It’s a fun way to challenge yourself, and accomplish something that you never thought you would!

Would you consider running a mud run if one came to your area?

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  1. I’d love to say that I’m not afraid of a little mud — but I think it depends on the situation!! If my dog were to go running through a muddy field on our walk and I had to chase her down — pretty sure I wouldn’t be all that happy. But if I’m signing up and preparing for an uber-muddy afternoon — BRING IT ON BABY!! :)
    It looks like SOOO much fun! I’m definitely going to be keeping my eye open for Mud Runs in my city!!

  2. How fun :) I really wish I would’ve done this. Mad River is typically the place where we snowboard and those hills are definitely steep! I would’ve been out of breath within the first quarter mile! Congrats for completing your second muddy race :)

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