Friday Things

1. This week has been… crazy. Let’s just say, I started a new job, it’s not exactly what I thought it would be, and getting used to 10 hour days is tough. Here’s to hoping praying that next week will be better.

2. Remember how I said that Mexican food is my favorite? Last night the craving hit, and Jordan was kind enough to bring home takeout. If that doesn’t cure a bad day, I don’t know what will ;).

3. I’m running my second mud run this weekend, and I’m getting pretty excited! Bring on the cargo net.

4. I’ve been really good about not running this week. In fact, I’ve been really good about not working out much at all this week — I’m just not feeling it. Thank goodness for Julie’s super quick and effective at-home workout.

5. I’m so happy that ‘Modern Family,’ ‘The Office,’ and ‘New Girl’ are back on the air. Jordan and I finally agree on something to watch at night :).

6. A guy from my high school was on ‘The Voice’ this week. He was a year above me in school, but his sister and I were in show choir together, and we used to go to the same competitions together (I remember him because he was a star in choir; who knows if he remembers me). He was good back then, but he’s even better now. Unfortunately, he didn’t make the cut, and the judges were kicking themselves for not turning around. Listen to his audition around the 65 minute mark, and watch the judges as they regret their decisions. It won’t disappoint.

7. TGIF.

What are your favorite sitcoms?

What’s your go-to comfort food?


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  1. I know what you mean about the long days. I work from 8-530 and it’s something I’m definitely not used to. I told my husband that I’m not trying to complain because I’m thankful to have a job but it is just something I’ll have to get used to. I think it’s frustrating because I’m behind on my workouts. I haven’t gotten a run in since last week. :( I figure I’ll have to walk the majority of the half. Oh well. I can always try again in the future to run run the full thirteen miles.

  2. 10 hour days sound rough–is that 5 days a week? I’ll be praying for strength for you!

    The mud run sounds so fun! Wish I could do that with you!

    I think Mexican food is my favorite, too! I just bought some new salsa–it’s like either Chi-Chi’s or Chili’s brand and it’s so good I could eat it plain. It doesn’t have huge chunks in it and it’s the perfect level of spicy! And wow, that was a lot of words about my salsa.

    Moving on…

    I just found out we get a channel that has Home Improvement on each evening! I’ve been watching a lot of that lately! Other favorites are 7th Heaven, What I Like About You, and of course Full House!

    Go-to comfort food is definitely homemade chicken noodle soup. I love making it on a Sunday morning…allowing it to simmer for a couple hours before enjoying it while crisp air blows through the house and a football game is on. Perfect.

  3. Starting a new job is always so stressful. It takes me a full two-three months before I finally feel adjusted. Mexican is ALWAYS a good end to a hard day…as is ice cream and wine :-)

  4. I am all about chocolate pudding for comfort food.
    This week marks the one year mark of my time at my job — I remember when I first started like it was yesterday though. And the sheer exhaustion. You’re working crazy long hours, but also, don’t forget that your brain is working harder trying to assimilate all the new information!! Don’t give yourself a tough time, it will definitely get easier as things become more routine. :)
    Enjoy your weekend!!

  5. I hope work gets better! My summer internship was REALLY hard for me to get used to at first. Working hard for 11 hours a day got tiring really quickly. Eventually I got used to it and now I still work there part time during school.

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