The Day Has Come

Thank you so much for all of your encouraging comments on yesterday’s post. It’s nice knowing that you’re not the only one, isn’t it? I know that it makes me feel better!

Well, the day is here. I will no longer just be a stay-at-home wifey after today ;). I’m not going to lie, I’m a little pretty nervous. Not only nervous to start a new job, but also nervous because I’ve gotten into a routine at home — cleaning, cooking, and cleaning again — and it’s going to be an adjustment when I’m getting home later in the evenings. Our apartment might not be as clean, and our meals may be a bit simpler. But I guess we can deal with that for a while, right?

Jordan and I had a little trial run last night. I didn’t start making dinner until 7:00, about the time that I’ll be able to now. Because I didn’t realize that we were out of a couple of ingredients once I started cooking, Jordan had to run to the store for me, and that delayed dinner even more. By the time we sat down to eat, it was close to 8:30, and we didn’t get the kitchen cleaned until after 9:00.

The food was still good (for the recipe, check out Jessica’s blog), but I’m thinking that I might have to get a little less ambitious — or utilize our crock pot — over the next few months. I’m not a fan of eating that late at night.

On the bright side, I still have my mornings to get things done, and it’s going to be especially convenient when my training runs get longer. It’ll also be nice to see a paycheck again :).

Since I need to make the most of this morning, it is time for me to fold a load of laundry and go for a run. Have a good day!

What time do you get home from work?

Would you rather work early in the morning, or later at night? My perfect work schedule would be 7:30-3:30!


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21 Responses to The Day Has Come

  1. Katy says:

    9-3 is my perfect schedule! I am not a morning person, and I like getting out nice and early! The joys of being a teacher. :-)

  2. Lauren says:

    That would be my perfect schedule too! Good luck today!!

  3. I’d definitely rather work early instead of late. I don’t mind getting up and getting out, but I hate coming home and being like, “Cool, I have three hours worth of things to do and about 30 minutes in which to do it all,” haha. I usually do an 8:30-4:15ish type thing, so I don’t get home *too* late…it just feels like I do since I workout as soon as I get home, so it’s not like I actually have time to start doing things until closer to 7. Oh well! Since you have your mornings open, maybe you could prep things before you leave for work? I rely pretty heavily on leftovers during the week to avoid eating at 8:00 every night, but I imagine prepping whatever possible ahead of time would accomplish the same thing — and you’re not always eating the same meal over and over again like me! Haha.

  4. GOOD LUCK!!! You’re going to nail your first day! :)

  5. You will make it work, don’t worry about it. I see easier nights!

  6. I hope your first day is/was awesome!! I get home at 7 on Thursdays, so it is usually crockpot night! That is the best for late nights!!

  7. I work 8-4 and I love the hours–enough time for me to workout in the morning and I’m done early enough to be able to do what I want/need to in the evening.

  8. Best of luck to you with this transition, Emily! I know that everything will go very smoothly– it will just take a little adjusting!

    I used to love working out in the mornings, but when I started working at my new job that fell by the wayside. Thankfully I’m a morning person so working early is definitely a good thing, but now the trick is to stay motivated to work out later in the afternoon now.

    • Emily says:

      Thank you! I started working out in the evenings while at my first job out of college too. Working full-time takes a lot out of you; getting a little extra sleep in the morning is crucial!

  9. Hey Emily! You got a new profile picture! Or I never noticed this one before :$(?) GORGEOUS! I’m a night owl myself so I’d rather work midday and the evening :) I don’t do well before 11 a.m. honestly.. (oops)

  10. That really is a great schedule! Not too early and not too late.. just right! Good luck with the new transition and change in your life… definitely a nerve wracking time, but an exciting one as well :) as I am sure you are aware of haha

  11. I know just what you mean–I used to eat at 5:3o before I got married, and now most nights it is 7 or 7:30! It throws me off because then I’m too full for a bedtime snack haha.

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