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Please excuse my blog design (or lack thereof). A new design is in the works, but until it’s up and ready, you’ll have to ignore the default header :).

So, a couple of days ago, my sister did a post called “Photo An Hour.” It’s an interesting way to analyze everything that you do during your day, and it’s a cool way to see how other bloggers are spending their days. As most of you know, I have been unemployed for the past month, and therefore, have been acting as a housewife. I thought it’d be interesting to do this post before I start working again (next Tuesday I will start a new part-time job), because despite popular belief, I am doing more than sitting on my butt eating ice cream all day long đŸ˜‰. Some days are busier than others, of course, but here is a general idea of what my day looks like:


Breakfast time — Kodiak Cakes in the waffle maker


Washing the dishes, making the bed, folding a load of laundry


Checking emails and reading blogs


Going for a run in the park with my sister


Getting ready for the day


Salad + whole grain bread for lunch


Quick trip to the grocery store


Baking Jessica’s giant M&M cookies


Emptying the dishwasher/ Cleaning the kitchen


Working on some things for my blog design (while snacking on a cookie :))


Reading a little before Jordan gets home


Jordan surprises me with flowers for our one “monthiversary” and tells me to get ready to go out to dinner to celebrate (normally, this is when I’d start making dinner)


Eating dinner at our favorite sushi restaurant


Going for a post-dinner walk in the park


Watching TV with Jordan (we still need to buy a TV stand…)


Reading before bed

And that was my Tuesday :). I encourage you try this type of post if you want to see how many things you really do in one day!

What does your typical Tuesday look like?

Do you read or watch TV before bed?

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17 Responses to Photo An Hour

  1. Aw, I loved seeing this little glimpse of your day! I’m totally going to do a post like this next week! Those M&M cookies look so delicious–might have to make some of those soon!

  2. What a fun idea-I love this. Kodiak cakes are one of my favorite ways to make waffles/pancakes! I’m also obsessed with Krogar so I certainly understand that one. Love your new blog!

  3. Lauren says:

    Your salad looks delish! Maybe one day I’ll get around to posting a fun day like that! Obviously when I’m not at work because all you’d see is a computer screen : )

  4. I LOVE this!! I’m definitely going to do this in the future to document how I’m spending my days :)

  5. LOVE your new site… I’m so behind on blogs… :( I need to do a day in the life, but it would be way too crazy right now!

  6. I need to try this one day, I stink at taking pictures.

  7. I read your sisters ‘photo-an-hour’ post the other day; this is such a fun way to see what other people are up to during the day. Thanks for sharing and those cookies look so good :) I’m considering making some but I’m afraid I’ll eat the whole batch in one day. No self-control when it comes to cookies and ice cream!

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