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Well, Jordan and I are officially back in Indiana, organizing our life as newlyweds. While I’m unpacking and getting used to my new routine, my sister Molly, from This Life is Sparkling, is here to share her story. Thanks, Mol! Enjoy!

Hello, Perfection Isn’t Happy readers! My name is Molly, and I blog on over at This Life Is Sparkling. Oh, and I’m also Emily’s little sister 😉 On my blog you can find me talking about anything from food (specifically veggies and froyo), my daily weekly Starbucks adventures, my obsession with Taylor Swift, and my love for all things fitness.

I like to dress up and pretend I’m her. jk….kinda.

Today I thought I’d talk about something that may be pretty common among the food and healthy living blogging community: being a vegetarian while living with omnivores.

Two years ago, I made the decision to stop eating meat. It wasn’t necessarily because I had a passion for animals, but more for health benefits. I first became interested in vegetarianism after reading Alicia Silverstone’s book, The Kind Diet. Although her book talks about vegan eating, I was still intrigued to change the way I was eating, although I knew I wasn’t quite ready to give up my weekly ice cream and frozen yogurt. Maybe someday though… 😉

full-fat ice cream=worth it occasionally 😉

When I first decided to become a vegetarian, I started to cook. A lot. I asked to make dinner for my family, and bought a few cookbooks to try out. I found a new passion of mine, and have loved cooking and baking ever since.

Everyone else in my immediate family eats meat. So when I started cooking meals for them, I thought this might be an issue. I no longer wanted to eat meat, so why would I want to touch it and cook it for other people? I knew that wasn’t an option. So what did I do? I got them to eat healthy, 100% meat-free meals.

one of my favorites: stuffed spaghetti squash!

At first, I’m honestly not sure how they felt about eating this way. There were times that they left the table a little hungry because they were so used to having meat. Slowly, over the months, they enjoyed the meals more and more (or that’s what they told me anyway… ;)) and to this day, all of my family, even my dad!, eats less meat.

My sister (Emily) rarely eats much meat anymore, and mostly enjoys fish. My mom now doesn’t enjoy the taste of meat, and when she orders it somewhere, she usually regrets getting it in the first place since she’s not used to eating it!

When I became a vegetarian, it was no way my intention to convert my family as well. They still enjoy meat sometimes, and I’m okay with that. I can say that because of my dietary changes, we all eat a little healthier around here and I have gotten them to enjoy a variety of vegetables. I’m proud that I was able to share my knowledge of healthy eating with the ones I love. If you have a similar situation at home, don’t think that your family will think you’re “weird” for eating a certain way. Who knows, maybe you can get them to start eating that way too 😉

If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, does your family support you?

If you’re a meat-eater, would you mind eating vegetarian meals if someone cooked them for you?

Thank you, Em for letting me write for you as you enjoy your honeymoon with Jordy! I know you two are having a blast in Hawaii<3

Peace and Love,


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  1. Wow you two look so similar! I’ll be checking out your blog soon too! Anyways-I eat a very high protein diet and my family supports me most of the time. I think it frustrates them sometimes but they have grown used to it! :-)

    1. Most people say I look like my other sister since our hair is both blonde and we’re the same height, but I think Emily and I look more alike! Same with my family! 😉

  2. My fiance is the most amazing person ever because he is practically a carnivore, but he puts up with me and my veggie recipes. But we found common ground with cheese and pasta.

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