Scenes from the Weekend

1. Waiting to enter the “cake tasting room” for our wedding cake consultation — isn’t it cute??

2. Plenty of flavors to try and choose from — we chose caramel! On a side note, we were told that our wedding cake is the cheapest (in price) that’s ever been ordered — $29! Since our guests our having cupcakes, we only needed a small cake to cut into. Instead of charging us for a small wedding cake, they charged us for a party cake. If you’ve ever planned a wedding, you know that anything labeled “wedding” immediately makes the price go up. Remember this if you’re thinking about getting married (even Costco sells pretty cakes!).

3. We have a home! This is a view into the kitchen in our new apartment. Two weeks from now, the keys will be ours :).

4. Father’s Day dinner, enjoyed on Saturday

5. Sunday morning breakfast

What were you up to over the weekend?

How did you celebrate Father’s Day?

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  1. $29??!! Amazing. Congrats on your home… So exciting!! I spent my Fathers Day BBQing at my in-laws! Have a great Monday!

  2. Cake tasting – so fun :) It’s so great that you found cake that you want (and that is so affordable). My cake/cupcakes were my one regret of my wedding. I wish I would’ve shopped around a bit more to find a better deal – especially because my cupcakes ended up being really dry. Oh well! Not much longer until the wedding. Enjoy these last single days :)

  3. I love cake tasting!! You didn’t end up going with a cheesecake? You’ll have to have a housewarming party… I would drive 5 hours for it : )

  4. That kitchen looks gorgeous!
    And you’re totally right about the “wedding” label, it also always pays off (literally) to shop around when planning a wedding!

  5. speaking of inexpensive, my sister in law ordered the flowers for her wedding from Hyvee! They were absolutely gorgeous, everyone kept commenting on them, and they were SO much cheaper than if she’d gone to a florist.

  6. Ummm CAKE TASTING? Where was I??? Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I went to a DJ/concert/show/festival thing Friday night and the rest of my weekend was pretty low key!

  7. Ummmm SO JEALOUS OF CAKE TASTING…that is going to be my favorite part when I eventually get married. First I need a boyfriend though lol. I just want to shove my face in that plate of cake. How barbarian I know? Sweets do that to me lol

  8. Ahhh- cake testing! We didn’t get to do that for our wedding- you lucky duck! :) …..maybe I should go in and pretend that I’m getting married in a couple of months- do you think the tummy will confuse them?! HA!
    Way to go on picking a good deal! That is awesome!!! :)

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