WIAW #7: Eating Machine

It’s already Wednesday! This week is flying, and another Wednesday means another What I Ate Wednesday, thanks to Jenn. I failed to take a picture of everything that I ate on Tuesday, but I think you’ll get the idea :) . This month’s theme is ‘Sensible Snacking,’ and I’d like to think that I’ve done a decent job of snacking sensibly. Of course, there’s always room for improvement, so as summer arrives, I’ll try to include even more fruits and veggies in my diet. With that being said, here are my eats from yesterday.

Breakfast (7:15am)

Oatmeal made with coconut milk, and topped with cinnamon, peanut butter and dark chocolate chips.

Morning Snack (11:00am)

Today’s theme in camp was pizza, so the kids made their own pizza dough, and then we all made individual pizzas on bagels and English muffins. Mine included sauce, cheese, green peppers, tomatoes and pepperoni on half an English muffin. The perfect snack to hold me over until lunch!

Lunch (12:15pm)

Salad with mixed greens, beets, edamame, blueberries, feta cheese, and a drizzle of balsamic dressing.

Cottage cheese with pineapple chunks

Two Dove Chocolate squares

Afternoon Snack (3:30pm)

Red apple

Dinner (8:15pm)

I got home at 6:30, and had an appointment to look at wedding reception linens at 7:00, so by the time dinner came around, I felt like I was starving. Jordan and I went out for sushi, but no pictures were taken. I had a ginger salad, veggie fried rice, and an avocado roll.

Dessert (9:30pm)

Cup of chocolate chip ice cream with a blob of peanut butter on top

I feel like I ate a ton yesterday. My body and appetite seem to be adjusting to working on my feet, with kids, for 8-10 hours a day, rather than spending eight hours sitting on my butt. I still haven’t had a lot of energy for exercise, but my friend and I are meeting to walk tonight, so that gives me something to look forward to after work. I might try to squeeze in a quick yoga workout tonight too- we’ll see! In the meantime, today is breakfast day in Cooks with Books camp, and I’m excited to see what we’re making :) .

Does your appetite vary from day to day?

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31 Responses to WIAW #7: Eating Machine

  1. Girl, I totally know what you mean. When I started working in the Child Center at Lifetime Fitness a couple months ago, I went from rarely being on my feet to being on my feet for 7 or 8 hours straight. Not only was I hungrier, but there was no way I could exercise on those days. My legs and feet were SO sore! I will say that my body gradually adjusted, but it took about a month haha! Good luck!!

  2. Some days/ Most days I’m ravenous and then I get a day when my tummy feels like it can handle no food, it’s like it needs a day to play catch up! Those days call for smoothies, all others call for eating every three hours :)

  3. I am the queen of appetite, some days it’s like i have a bottomless pit that is never full or never satisfied! but then other days, I won’t want anything at all, but that rarely happens!

  4. Lauren says:

    I feel the same way! I have been a pig lately and I never seem to be full! But with you always on the go I’m sure you can justify your eating! And it’s very healthy too : ) Yay for linens!

  5. Whoa. You ate all my favorites! Beets, pineapple with cottage cheese, and anything with pb and cinnamon! haha

  6. Amen to eating more when working with kids! When I worked at a summer camp last year, I feel like I was constantly snacking and thinking about food. Those little guys sure know how to work up an appetite ;)

  7. Yes is varies all the time! I think that’s quite normal :) I just give in and try to listen to what my body wants each day ;) ….
    And that ice cream looks delicious! I’m SUCH a sweet tooth, seriously if I could get my sweet tooth taken out I would – haha. Anyway that salad is a great idea! I’ve got to give that a go sometime soon!

  8. I love that you put chocolate chips in your oatmeal and PB in your ice cream…I do the same thing!

    I know what you mean about having a changing appetite–some days I’m not hungry at all, and other days I can’t seem to get enough! I think I forget how much more I need to eat on the days that I work out.

    This camp sounds so fun–makes me wish I was 9 again! I loved stuff like that as a kid!

    Hope you are having a great week!

  9. My appetite definately varies daily. I sometimes forget and try and make myself eat the same things, but that usually backfires and I find myself still craving something more.

  10. My appetite changes all the time! What’s funny, is I seem to have no appetite on the days I work out and want to eat everything in sight on my rest days! I guess that’s motivation for me to work out all the time?? haha

  11. For sure, sometimes I’m starving and then sometimes I literally eat very little throughout the day. I guess it just depends on my bodies mood lolz! Your eats all look delish though! :P

  12. The salad combo you had sounds amazing! Delicious!

  13. Pretty salad! I love it!

  14. Your salad looks terrific- what a great combo with the beets and blueberries– YUM

  15. Mine varies from week to week. Some weeks I am STARVING and others I can go all day without thinking about a meal.

  16. everydayvegangirl says:

    You are just like me…dumping tons of cinnamon on top of oatmeal! I love your combo of blueberries and beets in the salad..2 of my favorite salad ingredients!

  17. Carly says:

    hmm; beets edamame and blueberries? I must try(:

  18. I totally know what it is like for the appetite to vary from day to day- working with kids all day can take it out of a person— especially when you are on your feet. Working out in the AM before work is the only way I could squeeze in a workout some days.
    The ice cream and peanut butter is calling my name!!

  19. Meg says:

    would you look at that lunch!? :D I would be ALL over that salad girl!

  20. Omg you work with them 8-10hrs a day?? That’s exhausting! You must be adjusting well though :) I worked at an afterschool program one summer for 4hrs a day and even that pooped me out haha.

  21. Kailey says:

    why didn’t I think of chocolate chip ice cream & peanut butter!? genius idea :)

  22. Brianna says:

    Hah! Cottage cheese and pineapple! I know of someone who eats that combination and I’m surprised to find another one! Although I did try it and from what I remember it wasn’t bad. :)

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