Monday Morning

To those of you who can hop out of bed on a Monday morning, smile on your face and workout clothes all ready to go, I envy you. I am not one of those people. I hit the snooze button twice, consider skipping a shower for more sleep, and lay in bed stressing about the things I have to do this week. I long for Sunday afternoon, when I was happily eating an ice cream cone at the mall — my biggest worry, to get sprinkles or not to get sprinkles.

I got sprinkles.

Of course, reality eventually sets in. I get up, make my bed, take a shower and make my oatmeal. I pack my lunch and get my laptop bag ready to go. I dry my hair halfway, swipe on some mascara, and make myself somewhat presentable. And then it is time to go.

Though I wish it was Sunday morning, when I was still in bed, I know it’s time to face the day. And I do.

But it’d be a lot more fun if I could face it with some sprinkles. Maybe in my coffee…

How do you feel on Monday mornings?

Sprinkles, or no sprinkles?

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  1. I know exactly what you mean about Monday mornings. Today it was pouring when I woke up so I snoozed twice and wanted to just lay in bed and be lazy! I envy people who hop out of bed at 5:30am ready to workout!

    Always sprinkes! :)

  2. That cone looks so good but I have to say, no sprinkles. There are so many other toppings I’d rather have. I like sprinkles for one or two bites, then I’m sick of them. Ha, I am a bit too particular.

    On Mondays I am never feeling up for the workday. It’s so hard to get up and let it set it in that it’s no longer the weekend!

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