Five Things Friday

1. Now that it’s practically summer warm outside, I’ve been craving the Whole Foods salad bar like crazy. I’m tempted by it every time I go outside, because my office is literally a few steps away from it. Too bad I can’t afford $9 salads smothered in feta cheese on a regular basis.


2. Tomorrow I’m going back to my former university as an alumni. Alumna? Alumnus? Whatever I am, I’m going. I’ll be speaking to a group of Communication majors, answering any questions that they might have about my job search process, classes that helped me, and life after college. It’s hard to believe that I was in their spot one year ago. I remember feeling terrifed of the unknown future. I’m still a little terrified of the unknown future…

3. I’ve never been into book series that are turned into movies (unless you count my high school obsession with ‘Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants’). So naturally, I’m wondering what all of the type surrounding ‘The Hunger Games’ is about. Just when the whole Team Edward/Team Jacob thing was starting to make sense to me, I have to learn about two more teams. Team Peeta? Team whatever the other one is called? Why are we taking sides? I don’t get it.

4. My office is located in an outdoor mall. Everyday, I’m tempted by the window displays when I take my walking breaks. Since I haven’t been shopping since I can’t even remember when, I’m going to do a little more than window shop tonight after work. White House Black Market has a ton of cute dresses that catch my eye every time I walk by, but since I don’t buy $200 dresses, I’ll be hitting up the Old Navy sales racks. Oh yes, I’m living large ;).

5. Two weeks and two days left until Easter. I’m want to make this. And this. And maybe this. Don’t judge.


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  1. i dont understand the hunger games either, and i dont really want to! i never got into the twilight series..or the (gasp) harry potter series. just not into those types of books i guess, and it makes me less inclined when they turn into mass obsessions. that salad looks so good – so expensive though. its a great occasional treat!

  2. It’d be super hard for me to have an office where yours is, wow! Mall? Whole Foods? Psh $9 salads, try $15…my highest was $18! I seem to love heavy ingredients I guess – or maybe I just eat a ton 😀 I’ve taken to using the smaller container on purpose to save $$.

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