Five Things Friday

1. I recently introduced Jordan to Pinterest. I got him all hyped up about the recipes I’ve been pinning, and reassured him that I’ll be such a good cook when we’re married. Then he looked at my pins. At least 80% of them are desserts. He’s convinced that we’re gonna get fat. Or starve. Apparently chocolate covered kiwi pops and salted carmel frosting don’t count as dinner. Darn.

2. It’s been 2 weeks and 2 days since I’ve had chocolate. My family wishes otherwise.

3. Not having my laptop has made me realize how much time I used to spend on my laptop. It couldn’t have been healthy.

4. I’m having second thoughts about my TOMS idea. I’m not sure that they belong in an indoor church wedding. But…I won’t be too surprised if a $60 charge appears on my bank statement this week. Now what could that be from?

5. Jordan’s left me for another week. This time, he’s in Florida. It’s his last boys’ (aka father/son) trip before we’re married. Once we’re married, he’ll be required to take me with him everywhere he goes…especially exciting places, like Germany and Florida. Isn’t that how it works ;)?

Tell me five random facts about your life.

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  1. This is wonderful!
    5 random facts…
    1)My Fiancee comes home from school tonight which I am excited beyond measure about!
    2)I just had to put one of my dogs down because he had a tumor :/
    3)On a happier note, I have been very happy for the last couple of days and not sure why, but hey, I’ll take it!
    4)The weather in Maine has been awesome…warmness!
    5)I haven’t made collage in about two weeks and I’m actually not upset about it.

    Love reading your posts!!!

  2. Just posted this on my blog as well:

    1. I still have a book I checked out from the library in 2009.

    2. I have no idea what the Hunger Games is or what it’s about, but apparently a lot of people are pumped about the upcoming movie.

    3. I spent $200 on my last pair of Wave Prophecy Mizuno running shoes (and LOVE them), and often run in them with my $60 pair of compression socks. This is the same person (me) who will still shop for “regular” shoes at Payless or Target or get my old ones repaired.

    4. The perfect weather in my opinion is overcast, breezy 40-60 degree weather. Yes, I prefer this over sunny 80 degree weather.

    5. I always put hot sauce on my salads. This may sound weird, but when mixed with (lowfat) ranch or blue cheese dressing, it makes the salad taste like a buffalo chicken salad, which is absolutely wonderful. I swear it’s good, but I always get stressed out about what others think when they see me grabbing the hot sauce and pouring it all over my salad. Haha.

  3. My brain isn’t fully awake yet, so I’m finding it difficult to think of 5 random things… hahah BUT I totally agree with your fiance having to take you with him everywhere fun! My husband travels for work and I play that card often… 😉 Have a great Saturday!

  4. lol- Go look at my “Food I Want to Eat” board on Pinterest. You won’t feel so bad about yours then! Also, chocolate covered kiwi pops has fruit in it…therefore, it’s halfway healthy!

    I also think you should wear the TOMS for your wedding! It’s a streak of individuality in an otherwise traditional wedding. I think you should! Plus, they’re cute!

  5. TOMS –> I love your idea, especially since your choice in foot apparel also means shoes being donated to others–what a cool message to share with others at your wedding! I’m a recent TOMS owner and absolutely love my new red wedges (to the point of writing an “ode” to them on my blog this morning–ha ha!).

    Best wishes on your marriage!

  6. Oh my goodness, I absolutely LOVE the Tom’s shoes idea! They’re so cute! Even if you decide not to wear them down the aisle, maybe you could throw them on at the reception? I bet they’d be a lot more fun to dance in than heels. :-)

    Hehe…so funny about Jordan’s response to your Pinterest boards! Maybe try pinning a few random pictures of steak. I’m sure that will ease the anxieties in no time. 😉

    Thanks for saying hello on my blog! I look forward to following you! <3

  7. Just headed back to look at your Toms idea – if no one sees their feet, I say go for the Toms, I myself would love to have those as my shoes to wear in a wedding because I’d keep them after and wear them way more than a traditional classic heel dyed to match my dress.

    ALSO – I didn’t use my laptop or any computer all day yesterday and it was lovely. Sure there’s the iPhone but it was a nice break! Now I’m back at it today ha

    1. No one will see their feet, so a couple of bridesmaids might wear them. I’m not going to make everyone wear them if they don’t want to, but I know a few will wear them after the wedding!

      Good for you! It’s so nice to take a break from technology every once in awhile.

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