A Glimpse of Christmas 2011

1. Christmas Eve “Eve” (or Christmas Adam, as some like to call it) began with a viewing of “Arthur Christmas,” white chocolate fro-yo, and falling asleep to “A Christmas Story” on the couch.

2. After church, my family and I headed to Outback Steakhouse for dinner, our Christmas Eve tradition. I had my fair share of bread and bloomin’ onions alongside that salmon and sweet potato.

3. Jordan wouldn’t stop eating his steak to take a picture. The man likes his meat.

4. Jordan’s gift from my parents- a Forever Lazy and some Annie’s Ketchup. It’s kind of an inside joke. It’s okay if you think we’re weird…

5. You mean you don’t stand in your blanket stocking too?

6. We make quite the pair ;).

7. My family’s tree on Christmas morning.

8 & 9. Some of my Christmas presents. The thing that looks like a Zebra blanket? It’s actually a Snuggie. I’m pretty sure I’ll be bringing that to work tomorrow. I have no shame.

10. Christmas morning brunch, complete with the breakfast burrito and coffee cake that I talked about on Thursday.

11. Capturing another one of Jordan’s overexaggerated faces before Christmas dinner. That’s just my sister‘s boyfriend in the background.

Today, I’m feeling the day after Christmas letdown- but it’s only a three-day work week and I have quite a few plans in store, so it should be a good one. I hope that you all had a very merry Christmas :)!

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