Thursday Things

With a little inspiration from Jessica’s ‘tuesday things’ and Colleen’s ‘Totally Truthful Thursday,’ I’ve decided to implement my own ‘Thursday Things.’ Because sometimes we all just need to vent a little…

1. Nutella should have a warning label on it.


Disclaimer: May cause dangerous addiction, leading to a Nutella buzz, Nutella hangover,  Nutella fingers and the shrinking of your clothes. Nutella will not be held responsible for any of above, including the new wardrobe you may or may not have to purchase after consuming an entire jar in one sitting (it’s just that addicting).

I realize this is a long disclaimer, but if you’ve already tried the stuff (I’m looking at you, Mallory- thanks for the introduction ;)), you know what I’m talking about. If there’s not a blog already called “Nutella Fingers,” I think that there should be. Watch out, Julie

2. I despise traffic. It took me 65 minutes to get home from work tonight. It usually takes about 40.

Because it was late and I was already pretty really hangry, I skipped the gym. Instead, I went straight to the treadmill when I got home and pounded out a quick 2.8 miles. Take that, traffic.

3. I think I’m growing up. Today, my cousin and I had a conversation about our weekend plans. As it turns out, both of our plans consist of catching up on laundry, and cleaning. And… we’re both actually excited about it. If I would’ve heard myself having that conversation four years ago, I probably would’ve laughed.

Except…let’s not. I’ve got responsibilities, people. And I’m okay with that.

Tell me what’s on your mind this week.

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  1. YEP.. totally agree, it should come with a warning. i actually can’t keep it in my apartment, it’s just that bad. i would find myself trying to fall asleep yet thinking about it, and then getting up at 12am to eat large spoonfuls of it. (i sound like an actual addict- what?) they make individual snack-size things of it now with little breadsticks that can at least keep it somewhat under control. nutella is just so so good.

  2. I totally agree with you on the traffic. I feel like it’s just a waste of time! While I sit in it, all I can think about are the things I could actually be getting done haha.

    And my friends and I always talk about how our weekend plans have dramatically changed since college. I actually want to stay home on Friday nights because I’m usually too wiped out.

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