My Teeth are Falling Out

Last night, I dreamt that my teeth were falling out. Twice.

Since I have had this dream before (and because I like to look up what dreams mean…), I already knew what it meant. I asked my sister, just to make sure, but who was I kidding? I didn’t have to ask anyone to know how I was feeling.


When you dream that your teeth are teeth falling out, it means that you feel like you don’t have control. It means you’re being over-analytical. It means you need to take your crazy pills.

When will I learn?

Because I’m leaving for my friend’s wedding bright and early tomorrow morning, I had (what felt like) a million things on my to-do list today. Thankfully, working from home allowed me to get a lot of these things accomplished, but I still have to paint my nails and finish my bedtime snack.

I had a different post planned for this evening, but since I obviously already have too many things on my mind (two teeth dreams in one night? seriously?), I will just leave you with this.

You’ll have to wait until I get back to see what sweet treat I baked up.

Trust me, you’re going to want the recipe :).

I must go paint my nails, then I am off to be a bride’s maid again ;). I’ll see you guys when I get back!

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  1. let me guess, (mom’s?) chocolate chip cookies with peanut butter (or butterscotch) chips and pretzels. Just assuming:)

  2. Have so much fun at the wedding! I actually had a dream a couple of weeks ago about my teeth crumbling and falling out so I went and looked up what it meant too :) Hope you had a wonderful time, can’t wait to read all about it!!!

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