My Cousin’s Wedding

This weekend, I gained a new cousin. Lauren married her new husband, Matt! I now have my first cousin-in-law :). The weekend went by so fast, and I’m still trying to get adjusted to my normal routine. It was really fun, and my camera is full of tons of pictures, but I’ll spare you and just give you the highlights :).

Friday night included the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

My escort (?) for the night, also named Matt

Jordan was the my photographer for the night, but all of the pictures turned out fuzzy because we were moving :/.

After the rehearsal dinner, I went to my aunt and uncle’s house to stay with Lauren, while Jordan drove to the hotel to stay with my family. It was nice to have some girl time. We stayed up until almost 1:30am talking and watching wedding shows on TLC. We had an early morning though. Before we knew it, we were getting up for her big day! All of the bridesmaids met at the house bright and early to get ready, and my aunt and uncle laid out a very nice breakfast spread for us.

I was first in line to grab a Panera bagel, fruit and a Timbit…yum.

During breakfast, the girls came to do our hair, and Lauren opened up her wedding day present from Matt…

She got a puppy! For as long as I can remember, she has wanted a wiener dog…and Matt got her one! She was so happy. As far as I could tell, it definitely took her mind off of her nerves for a little while.

Before we knew it, hair and make-up was done, and we were getting dressed and ready to get in the limo!

She made those hangers- so cute!

The beautiful bride

After a glass of champagne and a short limo ride to the church, we were ready to go. The nerves kicked in, and a few tears were shed.

Our grandma

Soon after, they were telling us it was time to line up, and the wedding began!

And just like that, they were married!

After taking pictures, we were off to the reception to eat, drink and dance the night away.

My grandparents

My grandpa got sick just a few weeks ago and is still recovering, so it was such a blessing that he was able to come to the wedding.

My sister caught the bouquet! We were standing by each other, and I had my hands on it too, but she got more of it, apparently :P. After the groomsman (the guy I walked down the aisle with, actually) put the garter on her leg, she had to put it on his leg. It made for good entertainment, haha.

Since the reception ended around 10:30, my cousin(s) decided to continue the celebration with a little after-party. Jordan and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings with them for awhile to hang out (in all of our wedding attire!), and then we parted ways.

When we got back to the hotel, I immediately crashed. Such a whirlwind it was!

Since I am in my friend’s wedding in less than two weeks, I will soon be doing it all over again. I’m getting used to this wedding stuff…I think I might have withdrawals when it’s all over! Unless I find myself planning “someone else’s” wedding…

I kid (kind of). One of my relatives actually picked up my hand to look at my finger when they were going through the receiving line…I guess they thought I was already engaged?

Right now, I am currently getting my wedding fix with my favorite guilty pleasure…”Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” I will need to start thinking about heading to bed soon, though. I’m still exhausted from the weekend!

Night, blog friends!

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