The Day I Actually Liked Running

My whole life (well, my preteen life up ’til now), I have wanted to be a runner. I’ve admired those girls that gracefully jog along the sidewalk, bleach blonde ponytail swinging back and forth, running shorts and tank top perfectly in place, while passersby admire…

Okay, okay… so maybe that’s only in the movies. The thing is- I’ve tried running. I began the track season in 7th, 8th and 9th grade, but never made it past the “conditioning” stage. My knees hurt, my ankles were swollen, and I was convinced that I had shin splints. It could’ve had something to do with that fact that I was wearing shoes  a 1/2 size too big, and the only exercise I was getting prior to the season was in the form of walks with my mom and dance classes, but nonetheless, the only thing I proved to myself (so I thought) was that I was just not cut out to be one those “those” runners.

And since then, running and I have had an off and on relationship. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that most of this is just mind over matter. Running is as much as a mental sport for me as it is physical, and I have to be in the right mindset to enjoy it. Read: Last night I did 3.7 miles of walk/run intervals (using the Galloway method) at the gym…and I actually enjoyed it. A lot.

Then, this morning…I did this:

Yes, I signed up for an 8K. And it’s a little less than two weeks away.

It wasn’t a complete spur of the moment thing, because my sister and I have been talking about running some kind of race for awhile now, but last night’s gym session just gave me the extra push that I needed to sign up.

So, it’s official. I will be running that race in two weeks, and I will enjoy it :). It’s not a half marathon, and it’s not a marathon (heck, it’s not even a 10K), but it’s a goal that I’ve set for myself, and I’m going to accomplish it. Thank you, Colleen, for the inspiration :) (she just signed up for a half marathon!).

Since I will not be running tonight (my leggies are a little sore…), I am going to go for a walk and enjoy my free time with Jordan. Have a great evening!

Do you enjoy running long distances?

Are you signed up for any races this fall?



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  1. That’s awesome Emily!!! Races are always so much fun & you will feel amazing afterwards! I know you can do it :)

    I love running distances! It took me a while to get into running, but once I did there was no turning back. I haven’t officially signed up yet, but I’m thinking of running the Hartford half marathon on Oct 15. It’s just so darn expensive!

  2. Wooo! Congrats on signing up- that’s usually the first step. I used to totally envy runners too. It definitely isn’t easy for me, but its what helps me stay sane during the work week! can’t wait to hear about your first race :)

  3. Go girl! I’m hoping to run an 8K in April…we’ll see how I’m feeling when registration opens for the race.

    I’m supposed to be running a 5K in three weeks, but I’m fighting one heck of a back injury right now, so we’ll see if that happens or not :/

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