The Dreaded Monday

This weekend I…

Drove six hours round trip for a bridal shower.

Attended my friend’s bridal shower (and still can’t believe that the wedding’s less than five weeks away).

Spent time with my cousin, who was visiting from Michigan (and is also getting married- in less than three weeks- even harder to believe).

Recycled photo- from her bridal shower

Ate more meat than I’ve eaten in weeks.

Drank sangria.

Worked out for a grand total of 25 minutes.

Went to church.

Ate ice cream, a cupcake, M&Ms and skittles (but not all at one time).

Did two loads of laundry.

Saw “I Don’t Know How She Does It”- and wasn’t very impressed.


Attempted to catch up on sleep after waking up at 5am for said trip to bridal shower.


All in all, it was a good, but tiring weekend. And now- the dreaded Monday.

Where I will pull myself out of bed in an attempt to get ready for work. Where I will throw together a random lunch because I didn’t prepare one on Sunday. Where I will pout on my drive to work, wishing that all weekends were three days long.

It doesn’t really matter how I feel about Monday though, because like it or not, the day has come. The good thing is, I have something to look forward to. In five days, I will be on the road to Michigan, attending my cousin’s bachelorette party, and spending time with family!

In the meantime…it’s time for me to start my day.

Happy Monday, friends ;).

Do you look forward to Mondays, or do you dread them?

If we had three-day weekends, what would you do with 24 extra hours of free time?

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  1. I agree…I hate Mondays with a passion. I got home from Andy’s late last night so my lunch has yet to be made…and did I mention I don’t have any groceries? haha.

    If I had an extra 24 hours of weekend, I would spend Saturday and Sunday doing fun things, and then Monday would be spent grocery shopping, cleaning, doing laundry, packing lunches, etc.

  2. I actually do have a 3 day weekend, I’m in law school and don’t have class on Friday, and trust me, monday comes just as quickly. Granted I have to spend huge chunks of my weekend studying so it’s not too much of a break! But I actually don’t mind mondays so much, just think of it as one day in the cycle and not the beginning of work.

  3. I wouldn’t say I look forward to Mondays, but I definitely don’t dread them. I do like being in a routine, and I find my job pretty interesting / I know it will help me get into grad or med school in the future, so I appreciate it when I’m there!

  4. Mondays are usually REALLY tough for me to get started. It takes me a good half of the day to really get back into the groove! But once I’m there, it’s nice to be back into a routine. BTW – you’ve been taking LOTS of fun weekend trips! So jealous.

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