Whole Foods Tuesday

When I began my job, five weeks ago, I decided that I would allow myself to go out to eat once a week. With an office surrounded by restaurants (Qdoba, Paradise Bakery & Starbucks are just a few), it’s hard not to be tempted to run and buy something for lunch, rather than bring it from home. So everyday, except one, I bring my lunch from home, and leave my wallet in the car when I go into work. It’s a system that works for me, especially since I know I’m not completely depriving myself from going out.

Only two weeks into work,  on a random Thursday, I learned that Whole Foods (right next door to my building) is my best bet for fresh, fast food, because there is never a line at the salad bar or the checkout, whereas standing in line for a naked burrito at Qdoba could take fifteen to twenty minutes, on a good day. This is when I declared Thursday, “Whole Foods Thursday.”

I went from eating out  (anywhere) once a week, to eating at Whole Foods once a week.  Except…Thursday comes late in the week and sometimes that is a long time to wait. Which is why… today ended up being a “Whole Foods Tuesday” for me.

I didn’t feel like packing my lunch this morning, and I was craving a salad anyway, so I was perfectly fine with dishing out $6 something for a big salad and a bottle of flavored water.

I wish I would’ve topped the whole thing with more berries. So so good. The water, on the other hand, was a little disappointing. I have tried the blackberry flavor before, but never the lime. It had a bit of a funny aftertaste. You better believe that I wanted to get my whole $2 worth though, so I drank the whole thing anyway :).

As far as tonight goes, I am meeting a friend to go walking and then I plan to relax on the couch before bed. Have a wonderful evening!

Do you bring your lunch, or eat out, when you’re at work/school?

Thoughts on the Whole Foods salad bar?

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10 Responses to Whole Foods Tuesday

  1. I pretty much only eat out when it’s “mandatory”- meaning the entire office is going out for a birthday or celebration of some kind. I do love eating out though…

  2. Meaghan says:

    At my new job, I bring my lunch because there isn’t anywhere near by to get something from. Not within walking distance at least (I take the bus to work). Luckily it’s a small office with a full kitchen and a fridge that only a few people use so I can actually buy a few groceries and just make my lunch there if I want.

  3. Jess says:

    There isn’t a whole foods near me, so I haven’t gotten to try it! Looks great though.

  4. I looove the whole foods salad bar. Its so easy cuz all a bunch of yummy stuff is layed out right in front of you and all you hav to do is scoop it into your little container!

  5. I love the new layout!! Did you design yoru header yourself??

  6. Whole foods salad bar is amazing, but too pricey for me! i have to save it for special treats. as for lunch, i make it at home everyday during the work week.

  7. That salad looks sooo good. I’m obsessed with salads topped with fruit. So good.

    I very rarely buy lunch. I just can’t justify the cost, you know? I do love the convenience of buying lunch rather than making it, though.

  8. Kelsey says:

    i just posted about my first time in whole foods a couple weeks ago. God i love that place, their salad bar was definitely impressive!

    xoxo <3

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