Traveling for a Shower

After traveling to Michigan over the weekend, I arrived back in Indiana last night. Although it was a quick trip, it was really nice to see all of my family. We’ve been going to Michigan a lot this summer, some times were for more somber reasons, and then there were happier occasions, as well. This weekend was a happy occasion- my cousin’s bridal shower!

My mom and I left early Saturday afternoon, and arrived at our destination (my grandma’s house :)) around 5:30. After dropping off our bags, we were off to meet my grandpa (on the other side of the family) for dinner. Until recently, I never realized how fortunate I am that both of my parent’s parents get along. It was not unusual for us to have combined holidays and dinners when we were growing up, and Saturday night was no different. We spent almost two hours catching up.

On Sunday morning, my mom and I went to church with my grandma, and we ended up meeting up with my aunt, uncle, and two of their kids (my cousins, of course) while we were there. It was really nice to catch up with them. My cousins were leaving for school right afterward, and I must admit it made me a little sad to only have boring old work 😉 to talk about rather than new books and classes (just kidding, I do like my job).

I do not miss that big purple backpack

After church, my mom and I packed up again, and we were off to the shower. I meant to take more pictures. I even told my cousin I would take pictures for her. And then we started playing games, and at the end of opening presents I turned to the maid of honor sitting next to me and said that I completely forgot- oops. Oh well, the memories are good ones. Everything was beautifully decorated in pink and green (my favorite colors, so I definitely approved :)). There was a salad bar for lunch, and then, my favorite, an ice cream sundae bar for dessert. My cousin and I did manage to sneak in one picture before I left to go home.

I’m really not a giant…she’s tiny :)

She’s going to make a beautiful bride. I keep telling her that I can’t believe she’s getting married, and I guess it’s because part of me still feels like a kid. We are only eight days apart in age, so we spent a lot of time together when we were younger. Out of the two of us, I’ve always been the one more likely to reminisce (out loud, at least), so it should be no surprise that I keep saying, “Where did the time go?” It went too fast.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Alright, well now I am just waiting for my mom to come downstairs so we can watch ‘Bachelor Pad’. I’m also eating a monster size bowl of Quaker Oatmeal Squares for dinner. There wasn’t enough in the box to have another bowl tomorrow, so I had to finish it up. Darn ;).

Alright, well it looks my mom is ready to start the DVR, so I must go. Enjoy your evening!

Do you have cousins close in age?

Have you been to a bridal shower?

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  1. I LOVE family weekends! I also have a few cousins close in age- but not by 8 days (a year or 2) and we’re all really close. But it was so fun growing with them. My sister got married last year and I helped throw her bridal shower. They’re awesome because you meet all the other women the bride is close to and you get to reminisce about all the good times.

  2. My cousins are all boys and all much older. We aren’t close with that side of the family so it kind of stinks. I love spending time with the side we are close with sadly they have no children ha. I’m glad you had a good family weekend!

  3. I wish I had female cousins closer in age to me. I’m still relatively close to them (they are ranging from 30-33) but was always that weird “age gap” apart from them growing up. When they were teenagers, I was too young. Now that they are recently married and starting families, I’m in a dif stage of my life too. But later in life I hope that I can grow closer to them once this age gap disappears and we are all in the same place!

  4. I have a TON of cousins, but one of my cousins and I are especially close because we’re the same age.She was dating her long time boyfriend of 5 years and I thought for sure they were going to get married. I was so shocked when they broke up because I assumed they’d be engaged soon (which still would have shocked me because it’s just so weird seeing someone you grew up with get MARRIED!) So I know how you feel :)

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