Weddings on the brain

This October, I will be a bridesmaid in two weddings (only two weeks apart!). The first one is my cousin’s wedding, the second, my friend’s.  Needless to say, there’s been a lot of wedding talk going on around here. And even though I’m not planning my own wedding, you know what I’ve learned? Wedding planning is stressful stuff!

When my time comes, I think I may just elope ;). Okay, not really, but I would like to keep things as simple as possible. A small guest list, simple and timeless decor, and an outdoor venue. I know everyone says, “you say that now, but…,” but now that it’s documented on the blog, I’ll plan on sticking to it! Besides preparing to be in two weddings, I have weddings on the brain because of my new addiction to Pinterest. While looking at Lisa’s wedding pins (basically photos of wedding related things), I started to envision what I want my own wedding to look like (not that I plan it in my head or anything)- simple, elegant, timeless.

How cute is that?

Such a good idea…

I love the sparklers

I want this at my future reception

No need for a bartender…

Cocktails can be pre-mixed and stored in mason jars for each guest!

That’s just a snippet of the wedding related things I fell in love with on Pinterest. Who cares that I’m not planning my own wedding- wedding stuff is fun to look at! Don’t tell me that you don’t watch Say Yes to the Dress and browse wedding blogs too ;).

If you want to register for a Pinterest account, you have to be invited. Feel free to email me and I’ll set you up, or leave your email address in the comment section below. I must thank Lisa for my current addiction to the fun site (most of those photos were of her interest, too!).

Well, enough of the wedding talk, I am off to meet up with some friends for lunch (funny enough, the friend that is getting married :)). Enjoy your Sunday!

Please tell me I’m not the only one who is a little wedding obsessed?


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  1. I have weddings on my mind 24/7 haha it’s a pretty severe case of wedding fever! And pinterest only feeds that fever even more! At this rate I am going to have my wedding planned completely on there, but like a friend and I were joking at work the other day, we are just saving ourselves time down the road 😉 Oh and I just followed you on pinterest!

  2. Weddings are so fun to be in… As long as the brides aren’t crazy:) I’ve helped with so many friends weddings now… And think I’d like something small too:)

  3. Hey thanks for checking out my blog!! I love this post… I love all things wedding-related, despite already being married myself haha! “Say yes to the dress” is one of my favorite shows. Wedding planning can be stressful, but if you are organized and just do a little at a time, it isn’t too bad.

    I’ll be checking out your blog again soon! Visit mine anytime! :)

  4. Well where I work we hold heaps of weddings during the season, it is mainly during summer here. And every wedding I take something away with me, whether something is a good idea or the opposite. Sometimes I see some really horrid things.

  5. Yess, I wish I had a few close friends who were getting married so I could get caught up in the wedding bug! Till then, I’m pretty much obsessed with wedding shows and cute wedding blog posts.

    The major deterrent for me is the cost of weddings!! I feel like I’ll have a simplistic wedding for that reason too.

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