Please don’t tell my doctor

Today I am looking very attractive and having a very productive day ;), but let’s rewind, shall we?

Yesterday I may or may not have tried to exercise. A girl can get pretty tired of sitting and laying around for four days straight. So, I hobbled to hopped on the treadmill.

It didn’t matter that I am unable to wear a sports bra (my stitches are in the way), or that it hurt to bend forward to tie my shoes. I was a determined. Possibly too determined.

I walked at a steady pace of 3.1 mph while watching Property Virgins. I tried to up my pace to 3.4 mph, but the impact of my feet hitting the treadmill, my shoulders moving with every step I took, made it hurt. Remembering what my doctor said, I got off when I felt pain. I lasted 15 minutes on the treadmill, then moved to the elliptical for 15 minutes, working out at a very slow pace (without using my arms). The elliptical was much more bearable, and it felt good to move (or that was my reasoning at the time).


This is probably why I am on the couch today, in more pain than I had yesterday or the day before, with my Aircast glued to my shoulder.

I think I tried to do too much too soon.

Please don’t tell my doctor.

Have you ever done too much too soon after an injury or a surgery?

My doctor told me that I could try doing the elliptical as soon as I felt well enough, but to stop if it hurt. Maybe four days was too soon?

What do you do to ease your mind when you have to take a break from exercise?

I guess part of me is a little paranoid, because I usually eat what I want and exercise on a regular basis. I know exercising can potentially make my recovery worse, but I don’t like sitting on the couch all day!


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  1. Oh no. I know how difficult it was. When I got my shoulder surgery for swimming, I couldn’t exercise at all for four weeks. It really took a lot for me to just take a step back and relax. Remember-you have your whole life to exercise. Don’t let these next couple of weeks bring you down. :)

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