In recovery

I haven’t been doing a lot of blogging lately. Mainly because I’ve been a little…umm…held up.

Which has made it difficult for me to do even the most routine tasks…

I’m actually left-handed.

They performed a nerve block during my surgery, meaning, I couldn’t feel my left arm for about 36 hours afterward. You know that heavy feeling you get when your arm falls asleep? After having that for a day and a half, you become a much more appreciative person.

Since the feeling in my arm is back, the pain has set in. Between taking naps on the couch, and icing my shoulder with my Aircast (the blue tube hanging out of my shirt above), there has been little time for much else.

But that’s okay.

I am grateful for my caring family and boyfriend, and for my health. Because this whole experience has reminded me of the simple fact that, even though there’s been some pain, I still have both of my arms.

I am thankful.

Have you ever had surgery?/ How was your recovery process?

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  1. Ahhh I can’t stand that tingly feeling when something falls asleep! Way to hang in there, I’m glad it’s getting better! I’ve never had surgery that knocked me unconscious (i even stayed awake for my wisdom teeth).

  2. Aww girl I hope it feels better! I’ve never had surgery or anything but I remember having chicken pox when I was little and my parents, grandma, everyone! doted on me to know end! I thought it was pretty fabulous! My cousin just broke her wrist in two places so I’ve been doing things like pute her hair up for her:) Although she was pretty mad that I’m a sad excuse for a girl who cannot French braid.

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