A latte kind of day

I’m not usually a coffee drinker. I have tea every morning with breakfast, but after that, caffeine and I don’t meet again until my daily dose of chocolate (which is also sometimes at breakfast, or lunch or dinner, or all three, but that’s besides the point). However, sometimes that changes. I recently wrote down all of the assignments that I have left to complete before the end of the semester. There are four days left of classes, and eleven assignments in total. Oh, yay. Yesterday, my boss handed me a list of tasks to complete, 30 minutes before I was due to leave. These tasks must be completed before I return to work tomorrow. Oh, yay. Last night, we had two tornado warnings and a very loud thunderstorm. My bed sits right against two windows. Oh, yay.

So today, I’m drinking coffee.

Tall soy latte.

Oh, yay :).

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  1. I am so totally with you!!! I think our office brewed an extra 3 pots of coffee today. And did I mention that was for only about 12 people?! haha Gotta love spring in the Midwest :)

  2. I’m trying to give up caffeine it turns me into a crazy person, once the caffeine wears off I want junk food, anything high in sugar, and more caffeine! But I’m one of those people wh honestly loves the taste of coffee and espresso so it makes me sad when I see other people enjoying it:( But you need it girl! You’re a rock star you can get it all finished!

  3. I know the feeling, been working on this project now for about a week, just now got home from the engineering labs. Keep your head up and you will do fine!

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