Embrace the Space at JW Marriott Indy

Two weeks ago, I attended a media trip for travel writers in Indianapolis. The trip was sponsored by White River State Park, Indiana’s only urban state park, offering many things to do and see, from museums and concerts, to pedal boats and bike rides.

I was invited to bring a guest on the trip, so although it was technically a work trip for me, Jordan and I felt like we were on a mini-vacation.

Over the course of the three-day weekend, our group attended an Indians game at Victory Field, did yoga with Michael Franti and Spearhead, visited several museums, took a Segway tour, visited Indianapolis’ urban garden, went to the zoo, and ate at some wonderful restaurants — all of which I’ll be discussing on the travel blog that I contribute to, BIG CITY, little Indiana (you can check out my first recap here — the time I did yoga with hundreds of people and a popular band).

One of the biggest highlights of our trip, though, was our stay in one of Indianapolis’ luxury hotels, the JW Marriott. Rising 33 stories above the city, the hotel is the largest JW Marriott in the United States.

Jordan and I had the privilege of staying in a corner room on the 28th floor. Every room in the JW Marriott features floor to ceiling windows, so there is no bad view, but the corner rooms feature floor to ceiling windows on two walls, rather than one. 

When making reservations, you can choose which type of room you’d prefer, and if (no, when) we go back again, I will definitely choose the corner room option. Just look at this view of the sunrise from our window!

Jordan and I actually stayed at this hotel two years ago, the night before we left for our honeymoon, but because we left for the airport at 3 a.m., we didn’t have time to enjoy all of the amenities. This time, I learned that the hotel is within walking distance of White River State Park and the majority of the downtown area. We parked our car late on Sunday morning, and didn’t need to drive it again until we left on Tuesday afternoon.

The hotel also features two restaurants, a full-size gym, and a Starbucks, as well as three adjoining Marriott hotels that have cafe and restaurant options.

During our stay, I used the gym once (it also has floor to ceiling windows with beautiful views) and grabbed a drink from Starbucks. I loved that I felt like I was on a luxury vacation in my own city.

Jordan and I have already talked about making a weekend stay at the JW Marriott our anniversary tradition. If you are planning to visit Indianapolis, or looking for a fun getaway or staycation, I highly recommend staying here!

For JW Marriott deals and news updates for White River State Park, follow JW Marriott Indy on Twitter, and check out #embracethespace.

I can’t wait for our next stay in the city!

Have you ever taken a vacation in your own city?

What is your favorite part about staying in a hotel?

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Hydrating with CamelBak (Giveaway)

I still need to fill you in on our generous sponsors at Blend. I’m not going to discuss all of them today (I will eventually — they deserve it), but I will talk about one – CamelBak!

CamelBak surprised all Blend attendees with an eddy water bottle and a Relay water filtration pitcher. I drink a ridiculous amount of water, so I was so excited to see both of these items!

The eddy is a durable water bottle that uses the “flip, bite and sip” system, which is exactly as it sounds. There is never an awkward spill, because no tipping is required. I use mine throughout the day and during workouts. I love that I can throw it in any bag with no risk of spilling. It also fits perfectly into my car’s cup holders, making it great for carrying around when I’m running errands. I have the turquoise bottle, but it comes in a bunch of fun colors!

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Friday Things

1. Thank you for all of the birthday wishes! I’ve really been spoiled this week. My in-laws had us over for dinner, my mom surprised me with balloons on my birthday, my sisters took me out for dinner and ice cream last night, Jordan is taking me out tonight, and tomorrow, we’re going over to my parents’ house for dinner and birthday cake. Will I ever outgrow the traditional birthday celebration at my parents’ house? Maybe when I have kids of my own…

2. For my birthday, Jordan bought me a Fitbit Flex. I’m two days in and loving it already! I’ll share all of my thoughts once I’ve used it a while longer, but it’s so interesting to see when I move the most and how well I sleep. The technology is amazing.

3. Staying on the topic of birthday presents, yesterday I decided to treat myself while browsing the aisles at Target. And then, I realized that this purchase probably makes me look 16 rather than 26.

4. My sister has set a wedding date! She will be getting married on October 25th. She and her fiance have been dating for six years, so the wedding planning process hasn’t been too hard — she already knew what she wanted. Almost everything is booked and ready to go when October gets here! 

5. I’m way behind on blog posts. Please bear with me as I eventually recap things that happened weeks or months ago. I still want to talk about Blend sponsors, and the media trip that I took last week!

6. The winner of the Swanson Health Products giveaway is Gina H. Congratulations! I will forward your name onto Swanson, and they will take it from there.

Have a great weekend!

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Twenty Six

Yesterday, I turned 26. I don’t have any goals to share or lessons to write this year. If I learned anything in my 25th year, it’s that you can’t predict or plan how life will go, so I’m going to do my best to go with the flow this year (…I’m learning…).

26 is an odd place to be — closer to 30 than 20, with friends in all different places. Some are married, some are having kids. Some are excelling in their careers, some are moving, some are going back to school. Friends are growing apart, friends are growing closer.

Everyone is going in different directions, and I’m just trying to figuring out which direction I’d like to go. I hope that this year is a great one. I want to learn more, grow more, and live in the moment a little more. Oh, and travel — that’s one thing that I’d like to bring with me from 25 to 26 — I loved the experiences that I had in my 25th year!

Jordan and I are going to go out and celebrate my birthday on Friday, but until then, this birthday ice cream, a surprise from a husband who knows his wife well, is making me pretty happy. Overindulging on birthdays is totally acceptable, right?

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Swanson Health Products Giveaway (CLOSED)

This post is sponsored by Swanson Health Products. All opinions are my own.

When I was introduced to Swanson Health Products a couple of years ago, I was shocked at how low the prices were for the quality of products being offered. Swanson Health Products is essentially an online pharmacy, offering high-quality health products at very low prices. Customers can choose from hundreds of items, including vitamins, healthy foods, and natural beauty products.

To prove how far your money goes at Swanson, last month I spent $45 on their website, and I was able to buy a large jar of coconut oil, facial cleanser, tea tree oil skin treatment, and a three month supply of probiotics. When I buy probiotics in the grocery store, I spend about $15 per month, so those alone are a steal.

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