Fall Bucket List 2015

My due date is tomorrow — yes, I’m still pregnant, and no, I’m not in labor. Truth be told, I’m fine with still being pregnant, it’s others who seem to be getting antsy. I woke up to an email this morning that said, “I can’t believe you’re still pregnant!” Sure, I’m getting uncomfortable, but I’m not swollen and I don’t really feel “huge,” so I think I’m doing okay! My only slight annoyance is that I decided to get my nails done at 38 weeks thinking it’d last me until the birth, and now the gel is peeling — can we say first world problem ;) ?

Okay, enough of the pregnancy talk. Summer is winding down, the days are getting shorter, and there’s a slight chill in the air when I wake up in the morning. This makes me  sad because I love summer — I’ve even loved being pregnant during the summertime — but it’s inevitable, fall is right around the corner. With a lot of big life changes on their way too, I’m brainstorming things I’d like to do this fall. I want to give myself something to look forward to while at home with a baby (I’m looking forward to that too, of course, but I know I’ll need to get out of the house!), and I want to have some goals to work towards!

What’s on your fall bucket list?

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Life Lately

First of all, thank you for all of your warm wishes, prayers, phone calls, texts and emails regarding my upcoming due date. Yes, I’m still pregnant, and I appreciate that so many people are thinking of me and Jordan! Also, thank you for continuing to read and support my blog — I know that my content has been extremely pregnancy heavy this year, but it’s hard not to mention it when it’s a huge part of my life!

With that being said, I can promise you that I’m not just lying around, staring at the ceiling, waiting for the baby to arrive. My pregnancy has gone by so quickly, and I do think it’s because I’ve been staying busy. That’s one of the perks of being pregnant in the summer — there’s so much to do! Here’s what I’ve been up to lately…

Working, working, working — but lately, from home! As difficult as it is to function during the 9 – 5 hours after not getting a lot of sleep, I’m happy that I’ve been able to stick to my normal routine throughout my pregnancy. The past couple of weeks have been busy, training my replacements and tying up loose ends, but things are slowing down now. My supervisor asked me to set up my out of office message yesterday, just in case, so that will be ready to go whenever things happen!

Quality time with friends. I have a once-a-month dinner date with my sister and our friend, so we had our last pre-baby one last week, and last Friday, another friend and I went and got mani/pedis, a little before-baby treat. While this isn’t something I plan to give up once the baby’s born — Jordan and I have already discussed the importance of each of us getting out of the house alone every once in a while — it was nice to do it one last time before I have other responsibilities!

Pool days. Last weekend I told Jordan it’d be nice to get in one more day at the pool before the end of the summer, so that’s exactly what we did. Being in the pool feels really good while pregnant, but getting out of the pool does not — everything feels SO heavy!

Nesting. I told my mom that I felt like I was never going to have the urge to nest, and then she pointed out that I already was. It’s easy to confuse it with a naturally type A personality, ha. The other night after work, I did all of our laundry, picked up the house, made a big dinner, and baked cookies. Could it be a sign that things will be happening soon? We’ll see!

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The Third Trimester

Well, here we are — my last pregnancy update for my first baby. I’m just about 39 weeks now, and since I’ve only been writing monthly updates and for each trimester, this is it. I can’t believe how quickly time has gone by! It’s very bittersweet. I know I’ll miss being pregnant!


I’d always heard mixed things about the third trimester — some people love it as much as the second, and some people are as miserable as they were in the first. I’m somewhere in-between. My main symptom is Braxton Hicks contractions. Now that I’m at the very end, I’ve had some cramping and round ligament pain too, but the false contractions have been going on for weeks and weeks. Also, lots of rib and upper back pain. I also really popped during this trimester. People at work/the store/church, etc. aren’t afraid to ask about the pregnancy anymore!


I’m still loving sparkling water and ice cream, and I’ve definitely been craving more carbs than usual. There was one week when all I wanted was Italian food, which is strange, because that’s not usually the first thing I’d pick. Chips and salsa from my favorite Mexican restaurant always sound good too. As far as aversions go, they vary. Vegetables are pretty hit or miss, and as it’s been my entire pregnancy, cooking (and grocery shopping) is not that appealing to me.

Weight gain:

At my 34 week appointment, I had the nurse tell me my weight gain for the first time in my pregnancy. At that point, I was up 18 pounds (which means I was a little bit off in my second trimester update). In the past month, my bump has gotten a lot bigger, so I’m sure I’m somewhere in the mid-20s now. At this point, it doesn’t really matter and I don’t care to know!


Due to Braxton Hicks contractions, I’ve had to modify a lot during this trimester. Long walks are few and far between — although, in the past few weeks I’ve been able to go on a few good ones with the help of my maternity support belt, and that’s felt really good. The beginning of this trimester included some body weight and strength training workouts, but around 32 weeks, barre, pilates and elliptical workouts felt much better. I’m still doing what feels good, and want to keep it up until delivery!

Books I read:

I’m continuing to read the weekly updates in What to Expect When You’re Expecting, and I reread some portions of Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth. I’ve been reading birth stories on blogs like crazy too — I find it comforting for some reason. In preparation for parenthood, I also just started reading On Becoming Baby Wise, and I like it so far!

The best advice I heard:

“When it’s go-time, your body will know what to do. You’ll be ready.”

I’ve enjoyed being pregnant and I have a feeling it’ll feel bittersweet when I actually do go into labor, but once I get to the painful part, I’m trusting that my body will do its thing, and that I’ll get in the zone and feel ready!

How I felt:

This trimester was humbling, as I wasn’t expecting to feel achy and rundown so soon. Two weeks ago, I received permission from my boss to begin working from home the majority of the time for the remainder of my pregnancy, and I can already tell that’s making a big difference in how I feel. I’ve been able to get more sleep since I don’t have to get up extra early to get ready, and I don’t have to sit for an hour in traffic everyday (sitting in the car really hurts now). I’m so thankful for a flexible work environment!

Emotionally and mentally, I’ve kind of been all over the place. I don’t know if it’s related to hormones, or just “life’s really about to change” related. I will say, I felt a lot better after writing about my fears, and I spoke to two friends, who are fairly new moms themselves, over the weekend, which helped put my mind at ease too. As cheesy as it sounds, I kind of like that she’s coming at the end of a season — it signifies a new beginning as we get ready to welcome fall.

What I’m looking forward to:

Meeting the baby! As strange as it sounds, there are still moments when I forget that I’m pregnant, and the whole thing feels surreal. But I’m excited to see who she looks like and how much she weighs. I haven’t had an ultrasound since 23 weeks, so I really have no idea! And as much as I’ll miss my bump, I am looking forward to sleeping on my stomach, being able to buckle my strappy sandals by myself, and getting back into a more intense workout routine (once I’m cleared, of course).

My family and my entire team at work has a pool going to guess which day my baby will be born, as well as her weight. I thought it’d be fun if you joined in too! What’s your guess? (my due date is August 26)

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Letting Go of Fear

For the past month or so, one of the most common pregnancy questions I’ve gotten from friends/family/strangers is, “Are you ready for her to come out?” I usually smile and say I’m excited, but in my head, fear is taking over –I’m really thinking, “No, not yet!”

I told my mom this very thing last night, and she pointed out that I’m probably going to delay my labor by thinking like this. Until I let go of my fears, this baby will continue to stay in my ribs, nice and cozy.


What am I afraid of? I’m afraid the house won’t be completely clean before we leave for the hospital (silly, I know), or that I won’t have all loose ends tied up at work, or that her nursery won’t be nice and organized…and of course, I admit that despite taking all of the classes, I’m still afraid of the pains of labor and recovery. Those last two things, mostly, just because I don’t know how long I’ll be in labor or how my body will handle it. The anticipation is the worst.

Any time that fear overcomes me, I try my best to remember that this isn’t the first time I’ve felt like this. Going away to college, getting married, starting a new job, having shoulder surgery — I was nervous all of those times too, but I made it through all of those big changes/experiences just fine, and here I am today, better because of it.

I’m hoping and praying that once I actually do go into labor, I’ll be able to relax and let my body do its thing, but until then, I’m trying to let go of my fears, one day at a time.

Also…I’m a bridesmaid in a wedding on September 12, so that should be enough motivation for me to try and get this baby moving ;) .

At what points in your life have you been afraid? How do you deal with your fears?

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Pregnancy Update: August

38 week bump 

Baby’s size: Pumpkin

How I’m feeling: So many mixed emotions! I can’t believe that I will be holding my baby in two weeks. Our nursery isn’t quite done yet, thanks to a missing part to our dresser that we’re waiting on, so I’d just like her to make her arrival after that’s all put together ;) . Sometimes I feel sad knowing it won’t just be Jordan and I anymore, sometimes I feel ready to not be pregnant anymore (and then sad, because I don’t want it to be over), and then I feel overwhelmed that everything is about to change. It’s definitely a rollercoaster of emotions!

Maternity clothes: Still wearing regular workout clothes and pajamas, but everything else is maternity.

Sleep: Ehh. Let’s just say getting up for work in the morning is not easy. I’m really thankful that I’m able to nap on the weekends, because I can’t even imagine how I’d be functioning if it weren’t for those!

Cravings: Still having my number one pregnancy craving — water and sparkling water. I also found myself craving a cheeseburger this week, which is so weird considering I’ve never really liked them!

Aversions: This is still varies from day to day. Vegetables tend to hurt my stomach, so they are hit or miss, and I haven’t been able to eat any type of Asian food (like my favorite vegetable sushi) in months.

Movement: Still lots of movement! I can actually feel her little feet through my skin now, which is so cool, but strange too!

What I’m loving: Spending quality time with Jordan. As I keep mentioning (because talking about my feelings makes me feel better, ha — and I hope, maybe others can relate), we’re both a little bit apprehensive about becoming a family of three. It’s a feeling that I wasn’t expecting, because we’ve both always wanted to be parents, and we’ve been talking about it for years, but now that it’s here, it’s scary…and change is hard. This doesn’t mean that we’re both not SO excited to meet this little girl of ours (because we are), but I think it’s a lot like the apprehension you experience before getting married — you don’t know what to expect and the anticipation is difficult!

Symptoms: Braxton Hicks contractions. A little bit of cramping. Fatigue. Muscle/joint pain.

Exercise: I’m trying my best to do what I can, but I can definitely feel myself slowing down. Mostly prenatal barre and pilates workouts, along with walks. The weather’s been a little bit cooler, so Jordan and I have been going for after-dinner walks too, which has been really nice.

What I’m looking forward to: Finishing the baby’s room, meeting the baby (ahh!) and seeing how big she is and what she looks like! My friend from Arizona will also be in town this weekend for her bachelorette party — I’m going, of course, and at 38 weeks pregnant, it will be quite the site!

Best moments of the month: Getting the house cleaned and prepped for the baby. Attending a baseball game with Jordan. Enjoying warm and sunny days after a summer full of rain!

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